Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Baby

Happy day folks!

Once again I am in North Carolina with my mother's family. We've been having too much fun spending time together and eating and drinking. And drinking...
I ran up this hill

I managed to sneak a quick 4-miler in yesterday, and today I have done nothing.

Nothing but take pictures! That's right. I got a camera. From my lovely parents Debbie and Boxie. They're too sweet. I had asked them for a refurbished (cheaper) Canon Rebel XS, but was surprised with a beautiful new Canon Rebel T3!

 Get ready for some more photos. Such a long way I've come from the phone photos.

But now its time to shower and prepare for Christmas dinner! Happy Holidays to all! I hope your day is super great. Pinky promise to add more recipes soon!

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